Our Services

Ever since GMN was formed, it has strived to use its platform to provide its users the ease and flexibility to get work done online without any hassle and complexity, Service Pro is yet another brilliant example of GMN’s great efforts in this regard.  Service Pro is a directory on the World Wide Web. Its basic feature is to link the users to other websites and providing a categorized platform for accessing those links. Our team at GMN is devoted make the internet a safer place, and therefore we verify each link and make it absolutely certain that it passes the highest quality standards.

GMN is keen to provide its viewers all possible and practical online solutions; hence to enhance our range of services, we have set up an online classified ad portal.  GMN Classified is the next generation of online classifieds. We provide an easy to use and a professional level solution to the complexities involved in buying, selling, discussing, trading, organizing and contacting buyers and sellers closest to you. Our platform will allow you to post ads with a simple, free and paid submission system, the option to modify and remove your ads, keeping an eye on your ad visitors using the ad visitor counter and also the Google map integration system that helps both parties interact in a more meaningful and progressive manner.

GMN is proud to be an equal employment opportunity and an active connection medium between an employee and an employer. In a few simple steps, your resume can be seen by all registered employers. These employers can then match your skills to the current open positions and make it easier for you to find that rewarding and challenging career that you deserve. In contrast to this GMN Job Link helps you with tips to locate and apply for jobs, cover letter, resume, employment advice and finally the interview.

Online Marketing is a powerful inbound marketing tool. By targeting the widely spread online market, you will be able to position your company as a top expert and leader in your industry. This serves to achieve the core purpose of attracting customers and businesses, and gives your brand the potential to achieve high rank that you seek.

About Us

GMN has been formed on a core objective to connect businesses to people, people to businesses and people to people. Our network is always focused and determined to provide a platform that serves to promote Muslim community interaction.