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Why Should I List My Business In MyGMN.Com?

A large increase in the Muslim population is recorded in the present time, and the use of internet has significantly increased for the purpose of finding the required resources to be able to get the work done.
If you are a Muslim and own a business, then to be able to market your business appropriately it is important that you make it available online.
Customers who are finding something related to your services and they are not familiar with your business name, they will usually visit the online products and services categories. Your enrollment in our database will guarantee more business and opportunities and a healthy business growth.

What Are The Advantages Of Free Listing?

When you sign up for our free services, GMN ServicePro will create a listing for your business name, location, and other contact details in our business directory. You will be found by the customers when being searched in the specific categories. This will give you and your business a wide online exposure.
So sign up today and be a part of the largest Muslim business directory. This will be done free of cost!

What Are The Advantages Of Deluxe Listing?

When you register a free account with GMN ServicePro, only your business name, address and contact number is included. There will still be limitation regarding your business website link and hence an instant access will not be possible to the customer. Although by registering a premium account with GMN ServicePro, you are guaranteed an inclusion of your website as well as other important links to the database that definitely benefit your business overall.
The deluxe account can be availed by paying an annual fee of $79.95 for standard listing & $99.95 for premium listing.

What Is A One Page Website?

GMN ServicePro has introduced a concept of “one page website”. This is simple startup page for your business. The “one page website” gives you freedom to express your product and services information in detail to target the eyes of the customer and increase the goodwill as a whole. It is inexpensive, easy to start and the best way to get you going.

How Accurate Is The Business Listing?

We are determined to update your data to the database efficiently, effectively and without any errors. We have hired the best quality staff at GMN ServicePro, who work day in and day out to keep the Directory listings up-to-date without compromising on its accuracy. Our support team is live 24/7 for your assistance.

What Does “Verified” Means?

GMN ServicePro ensures all information related to your business is manually verified before it is included in our database. This increases the reliability and quality of the overall Business directory. Business owners are however asked to notify any changes and other updates about their business details on timely basis to assure consumer ease.

There Are Many Muslim Directories Online, What Makes You Special?

The first look at our web portal would tell it all. We have engaged the best web development experts and set up the best online Muslim business directory service, keeping in mind the user ease and an experience like none other. As simple and easy it is for business owners to update their information, just as simple and convenient it is for consumers to go through the GMN ServicePro’s Muslim business directory and find the best possible businesses for their needs.
Please feel free to leave your comments and queries at support@mygmn.com.

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