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Demographics tell us that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States of America. The Muslim population here has increased dramatically in the 20th century and was estimated to be about 2.6 Million across the country in the year 2010.

May it be science or arts, film or music, sports or business, the Muslim community is serving efficiently and effectively in all fields and professions around the U.S. Their contribution to the overall economy helps in building a healthy community which can progress in a nation with endless opportunities.

To help ensure this, GMN ServicePro a U.S based Web Portal service, is mainly dedicated to connect the United States Muslim community and their businesses on a single platform. Our main mission is to bring the Muslim talent in the United States of America together, this as a result will strengthen the community as a whole and along-side will serve to provide healthy business enhancement opportunities to the members. Currently GMN ServicePro is providing opportunities in all areas from accountants, architecture, advertisement, investment businesses, banks, and law firms to life coaches, day care centers, bakers and martial arts.

We at GMN ServicePro believe that merging our business community to a single medium can produce better ideas and outcomes, which will in turn improve effectiveness and efficiency along with a highly increased level of mutual support and care. In order to make this a possibility, our entrepreneurs designed a social platform where Muslim talents from all across the United States can come and share ideas, research opportunities, merge sources to come up with stronger business plans and outcomes. It will help the businesses locate their niche at the national level. By providing information on a business and geographic level it will act as a more productive planning instrument.

GMN ServicePro publishes listings of Muslim businesses, their professional expertise, geographical location, contact details and all other relevant information so that they are easily traceable. Access is granted to members only to ensure proper use of the opportunities that we can provide through our platform. Not only that, we also track the relevant international news and events so that our members remain up-to-date. Membership to our platform will act as a research tool for any prospective business.

The sources and information that we are providing our customers here at GMN ServicePro can be used not only as a research tool, but it will also serve in a variety of objectives. Our clients will have access to the data which they can employ on a range of platforms; from effective business planning and strategies to basic event organization. Our aim is to provide as much information as possible under one roof, this can help assist in all of our clients’ queries; it will help them locate a niche for their business and products, as well as serve them as their travel guide who can offer them information that will assist them in making reservations at their favorite hotel to lease the car for commute.

GMN ServicePro portal is serving the community by making it that much simpler to track down the nearest relevant sources in cases of business urgencies to general life emergencies. Hence our options to search for the nearest fire protection services to the nearest repair work businesses, plumbers, pharmacies and pest control departments make us an important and beneficial element of the modern day Muslim society.
As our coverage universe extends to the whole U.S Muslim community, organizing events around the U.S will become much easier. Using GMN ServicePro throughout all stages will help in making the event a success. From planning to organizing and managing, our portal will give the users a complete solution and the desired results. Such utilization of sources will help in boosting the economical situation of Muslim businesses in the market, thus will assist strengthen their economy and community.

We welcome the inputs of our members and clients that will help us make this a better platform. Our main purpose is to serve our Muslim community in every way possible; this can only be achieved through mutual cooperation and support.

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