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GMN is a well reputable organization that is promising a distinct growth in the near future. We have a team of well qualified hard working professionals and we encourage bright and intelligent people to join us and be a part of this prestige organization.

Country Outreach Officers:
GMN is currently looking for a Country Outreach Offices. The job description for this post involves product promotions and marketing on a country level. The job requires good communication and interrelationship skills, professionalism and a reasonable experience in the specific field from all applicants.

Are you social media savvy or have ideas about how to bring about an increase in GMN’s viewership and also improve the active platform? GMN is seeking for skilled volunteers to help them promote their organization and increase awareness of their product and services. We welcome you all to join hands with us and serve the whole Muslim community as a result.

Marketing Executives:
The job description for this post includes the planning and implication of marketing campaigns to promote the product and services. Marketing Executive is a highly volatile role that involves advertising, development, public relations, product development, product distribution, research and sponsorship. The work is often challenging and fast-paced. So GMN requires all applicants to be sufficiently qualified in the Marketing field. We encourage hard working individuals with reasonable marketing experience to apply.

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