The Impact of GMN ServicePro on The Local Market

How could GMN forget the individual consumer like you and me? GMN ServicePro is a list of anything and everything you might want to consume under the sun. This mega directory will have a profound effect in the local market because an application for the android and apple smart phones in also on its way. It is a known fact that convenience is the key in today’s world. Nobody has an encyclopedia of local offerings memorized by heart, hence we give you the option of using ServicePro, which lists businesses and their contacts along with online ordering facility.

Halal food, mosques, Muslim gynecologists are only some examples of the wide database which ServicePro is proud of. Being interactive in its search options, you can enter your zip code and have a list of what is offered around you. The application, which is under development right now, would have a map facility which can come in extremely handy while travelling. Not only that but you can also search by choosing your wanted category, for example bridal dresses, and even if options are available in other locations that is a product for which you can travel readily.

This portal also can be a social platform for uniting Muslims where you can make an event online and invite fellow Muslims to attend it. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who are alone and want some social interaction with their community. Loneliness is a fact when you consider people living alone abroad and by posting events on ServicePro, they could build up a healthy social circle of friends from their own religious community. Since ServicePro would get heavy traffic from people searching for numerous things to purchase etc, it would be an excellent platform to advertise your business.

However, the best part about GMN ServicePro is that they don’t bombard the user with infinite advertisements which make using the site often difficult. Another fact which shows their sense of community is the option of starting Muslim Petitions on this site. Every user which logs in to find anything can also join in petitions whose cause is dear to them. This shows that GMN ServicePro is not a site which is only targeted towards commercialism, it actually cares about the Muslim cause and wants to bring the community together and unite in adversity as well as happiness; case in point being petitions and events respectively.

While searching for the needed commodities, you can also quickly browse through the World News widget displayed vertically at the right border of the site which is displayed by their date.