All You Want to Know About B2B Directory

What if I tell you that you can convert your corporate website into a B2B portal which will help you to improve your productivity significantly, that it will take into account the two main factors Revenue Growth and Cost Savings, and this portal can be launched within months with a very reasonable investment?
Continue reading to find out how all over the world corporations are missing a great opportunity which can change the way their business’ management.

What is a B2B portal?
A is like a access point on the world wide web which consists of web pages, features and services which attract the users. The word “portal”, in the beginning was used primarily to describe the popular websites like search engines and Internet access providers. They included AOL, MSN and Yahoo! But late the word evolved and became something bigger. It started to cover business websites. A portal became a place where different employees, customers, suppliers and other associates of a company or enterprise can access their information and services. B2B directory a little different they are the kind of portal which have special features that help in conducting online business or electronic transactions and they also help manage important parts of the business processes.

Advantages of a B2B portal
B2B portals aren’t just a fancy idea anymore. They have become a necessary tool for any kind of business or enterprise. GMN B2B portal have a lot of advantages and with high quality B2B portal you can have a great impact on your company’s productivity.

Growth in Revenue

Revenue Increase from Existing Clients
B2B portals give faster and easier access of information to existing clients. They can get product information, a faster response to their requests and even get a better customer service experience along with the option to buy the products online.

Revenue Increase from Value Added Services
B2B portal can be used to create more value added service for clients if it is set as a primary sales channel. Some of the services available to the client on the portal also let you generate more value.

Cost Savings
Order Processing Cost
B2B portal reduces the cost of processing an order on a very massive scale if it is integrated with supply chain management solution. A solution can reduce cost processing of a purchased order from US$ 70 down to US$ 6 only, according to varies studies.

Sales and support costs
Cost can also be reduced up to 30 percent if automated sales and customer support features are integrated in the solution.

Inventory keeping costs
The B2B portal helps companies to reduce the inventory keeping costs by the ability of forecasting, clear visibility and other similar features.

Other key benefits include:
Low customer acquisition cost
New customers can be attracted on the internet with the help of effective portal branding. This is because online branding is always cheaper than traditional methods like the print media.

Improve customer service
B2B portals help companies to serve customers in a better way with the help of their ability to have a constant interaction with the customer. The system tracks the sale processing down to the tiniest detail from ordering, payment and delivery. This gives great efficiency in customer service.

Reduce sourcing time cycle
Through B2B portal customers can select any product from the integrated market and either purchase it online using shopping cart on send in purchase orders. The customers are able to handle all their orders and other correspondence through a working page. This reduces the document processing time and helps them react quickly.

Community participation
B2B portals also have discussion boards which allow the company buyers and sellers to create communities. This helps in the feedback process and also helps in building new partnerships. Another benefit these communities have is the fact that in this way important information can be easily disseminate among the members.

Real time access to current product information
Updated product information is always vital for customers so they can make an effective purchase decision. B2B portals let you update your content and other information regarding products using forms which help the company and other associates to make critical decisions promptly.

Control rogue spending
B2B portals also allow for a method to stop maverick buying in a company with its consolidated and automated procurement and approval methods.