A Bridge Between Education and Career Planning

Having a bridge between your education and career planning is extremely important. Students should be aware of their job prospects in an economy which is constantly plagued with slow growth and not enough opportunities. Along with GMN Careers, other platforms are also offering a comprehensive bridge between education and career planning like Career Clusters, Bridges and the local career counselor at your university or high school.

Career Clusters has been around since the 60’s where you can choose your interest areas first and this is done through a comprehensive assessment where a student is asked questions and then the program automatically chooses an interest cluster for you out of the 16 available. When you have the interest cluster which is essentially an industry next it gives you an option to explore the educational degrees available for you to excel in that industry at the level you want.

The last step is to explore your particular cluster further so from the chosen industry you will choose a career group as a single industry can have numerous career groups. When you have the career group which fascinates you, you can then further explore it by clicking on occupations available within the career group which gives you a wealth of information like job descriptions, educational and training requirements, knowledge, skills etc.

Another online resource available which acts as a bridge between education and career planning is called bridges. This gives you numerous options to choose from. You can click on choices explorer which is a guide to choosing education and a career linked to that education degree, Choices Planner lets you plan your degree in the best possible way when you literally choose from the millions of career options available.

Ability profiler takes assessments and tells you which career would be a good option depending on your strengths and abilities. The Do what you are module is created to increase self-awareness in students by telling them what their personality type is, so that they choose their education and career based on their personality type for maximum success. The Learning style inventory module lets you build excellent study habits, attitudes and behavior. GMN creates a bridge between education and career planning.

Another highly comprehensive bridge between education and career planning is provided by LISA (Louisiana Included Skills Evaluation), which is an internet software. This also provides excellent resources when confused about education or career choice. However, a more personal counseling session is always better because a lot of things come out where a human interaction is involved. That’s the reason why most universities and high schools have career advisors who act as a bridge between your education and final chosen career at the end of your education.