Writing Techniques That Get Your Phone Ringing Non-stop

I think it’s a very tricky job working with classifieds. You can either hit the jack pot or have your ad read by many people interested in your product or it can go unnoticed in the millions of ads being churned out on numerous portals daily. So what is the art of writing a classified ad? What can get your product or service noticed by millions of people out there? The first rule is to realize that you have a limited amount of space and hence a limited number of words to get your message across.

Also, it is said that a picture speaks a thousand words, however the classified ads don’t have an option to carry pictures of the products being offered by these small and medium businesses. So you have to put in a description in as few words as possible and still manage to attract a huge audience interested in your products. Testimonials and reviews can’t be included in the ad however you can redirect these individuals to your website which can have detailed copy and reviews.

However, there are not only bad news which classifieds bring with them. There are numerous positives which come with classifieds and low cost is the biggest positive. You can regularly reach out to your audience within your budget as the costing is either completely free or by membership or in very rare cases online per word costing is done. The core concept to note here is to pick a portal which reaches out to your target audience.

If you want a Muslim audience then Muslim portal like GMN Classifieds is the best bet. You should also see the portal to find out what is the editing text box and how does it display your ads. Does it provide you with different colours or only black text? Which fonts are allowed and what size? Can you use bold italics or underlined words? This will tell you how to formulate your ad and the limitations which the text editing options present to you.

Use an extremely powerful heading for your ad and here is where you might want to employ a creative person who has a way with words. Because if people notice the heading there are increased chances that they will go on to read your ad. You should abbreviate the words which you are using in the ad because it helps people skim through the text and also saves you space and increases your message. However, the most crucial and essential of all is to choose the right category for your ad otherwise your potential audience won’t even get to read it at all.