Promote Your Services and Products Using Classified Ads

There are numerous places online where you can place free classified ads to draw traffic to your website or to your affiliate link for the product you are interested in promoting. This method may seem labor intensive at the outset, but it is indeed powerful and worth the time you may spend composing the ads and posting them. There are, however, a few guidelines which you should observe in order to be successful.

Your headline is crucial. It’s a good idea to do a little research and take a look at other headlines used for similar products. What is your initial reaction to them? Which ones seem to compel you to read on? Many times a good headline poses a question to the reader. After doing your research, it’s time to sit down and get to work composing some headlines of your own. You should be able to generate enough so that you can mix them around in combination with different ad bodies.

When composing your ad body, don’t give away too much information about your product. You want to generate enough curiosity in your reader that they click through to your page or affiliate link. It’s also better to avoid too many capital letters and exclamation points. They appear scam-my and may have an off-putting effect. Include your link at the end of the ad. If you are using an affiliate link, it may be a good idea to cloak it using HTML code so that it looks more appealing.

When you are posting your ads, be certain that you know the terms of use for each site. You may be limited in the number of ads which you are allowed to run at any given time. It would be a shame to have your ads or even your account deleted because someone thought you were attempting to spam the site. This is another reason why you should have a collection of different ads and headlines, as many sites will not allow you to run duplicate ads.