Reach the Right People in Your Local Area

GMN proudly presents to you GMN Classifieds, which offers you to search by a map of the products listed in any area around the world. You can search by keyword, category and distance from your current location. You also have an option to choose either from the Premium Featured Ads listed or if you have anything particular in mind which you want to purchase then you can simply browse through the listed ads from the 16 categories present.

Currently the most popular category seems to be real estate with Condos for sale the sub-category which is most popular. It literally takes a moment to register on the GMN Classifieds website and posting your add is completely free and hassle free. A tag index is also available for your reference and you can use it if you want. Reaching the right people is the key to getting your products sold quickly and GMN Classifieds is the latest offering where we serve the Muslims all over the world.

So if your target market is Muslims then you surely need to use GMN to reach out to the locals in your area and get your product or service pitched to them easily and conveniently. Some sites charge for listing your products or take a cut from the selling price however some are free like GMN Classifieds. For most classified sites, the audience is less targeted however with GMN that is not the case as your classifieds are targeted entirely towards Muslims.

This site is not only be used for individuals but small business can also market their products or services here, especially if your business is on a tight budget. Using the guerrilla marketing tactics you can reach out to the mass market and out of the people you touch with your message, a certain percentage become your customers by purchasing.

The best thing about GMN Classifieds is the ease of use; you can literally sell in few seconds online using classifieds. Along with convenience and speed the most positive thing about classified sites is their low carbon foot print. If you are an individual selling your used items or a business advertising new products, using a classified site is much more eco friendly than a pamphlet distribution technique where the paper and printing literally goes to waste once the item has been sold.

Instead of using classifieds in newspapers, users are now using online classified sites and this has successfully become a habit for most. Whenever you need to buy or sell anything you instinctively list it online. According to a study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, almost half of the adults in America who use the internet daily and rely heavily on classifieds. Nine years ago this number was only 22%, with classified ads increasing fastest when compared to online banking and online travel booking.